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Background entrepreneurial assessment tool

Quick entrepreneurial assessment
E-Scan is an online profiling tool that uses assessment test to uncover the entrepreneurial characteristics, thinking styles and capabilities of anyone having a business or are in the process of starting one. It takes around 15-20 minutes to complete and at the end you get your E-Scan report online which has comprehensive information about you and how you compare to the characteristics that are most common in successful entrepreneurs. Background of E-Scan is extensive and scientific research.

E-Scan is not about pass or fail!
It is a series of charts, scores, detailed information and moderate guidance to assist the journey of self development into becoming a better entrepreneur, business owner or manager, self employed person, or more employable person by being more entrepreneurial in their career. It is an instrument; a scan. Far more than merely a test!

The ultimate coaching and development tool
We do recommend that E-Scan should be used in conjunction with support, or feedback. Please also make sure you have invited up to 3 people to give you feedback and in the end give you personal comments. This could also take place as an ‘entrepreneurial review’ with a mentor, or be the starting point within an entrepreneurship or enterprise development program. It can also be used as the before and after measure to demonstrate changes in awareness and confidence that have changed due to the impact of a program. For those business people with coaches or consultants, E-Scan will certainly increase the intensity and impact of the process, by bonding the client and the adviser closely and quickly so any focus on activity is based upon the client’s self awareness rather than a prescriptive approach.


Entrepreneur Scan is based on scientific research carried by Dr. Martijn Driessen, focused on the development of entrepreneurship.
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